Adrene’s Art Crafting Journey

Portrait Boxes

The Portrait Box in Eminence Silk

What inspired you to craft a portrait box?

There were so many portraits of my grandchildren that I adored and wanted to enjoy, but I don’t have a lot of room to display them all at once. At first the portrait box wasn’t interesting to me because I didn’t understand why you would store beautiful photographs in a box. Upon hearing the suggestion that I could display a few prints at a time in frames and swap them out, I thought it was an absolutely fabulous idea.

How did you feel when you opened your portrait box for the first time?

I thought it was so elegant & classy and I couldn’t wait to display it in my home. I choose the Eminence Silk because it coordinated with the color of my kitchen and I loved the little bit of shine the material emitted.

How do you enjoy your prints and portrait box in your home?

I have several wall art pieces in my home so I didn't want to display the prints on the wall, but I wanted to enjoy them where I spend the most time and that’s in my kitchen. I love my kitchen…I love being in my kitchen…and I love that I get to look at my framed portraits sitting on my kitchen counters several times a day and will for years to come.

As for the portrait box, I have a glass cabinet with lights that show the shimmer of the material and make it look even more elegant.

Why would you suggest crafting a portrait box to others?

If you have several portraits you can’t live without and desire a beautiful way to enjoy them constantly for years to come, this is a lovely way to do it. It won’t overshadow the beauty of your wall art, but I really believe the smaller portraits compliment my wall pieces and enhance my decor.

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