Oh those curls!


When you refuse to admit your baby is a toddler

There’s this patch of blue forget-me-knots that grow just a few feet from our house and they’ve always held a special place in my heart for they bring me great joy. Bill is careful each spring to mow around them until their beauty fades as they’ve been the inspiration for so many meaningful portraits in our lives starting with my first pregnancy portrait with Vivian.

Last year when Stellan was just a few months old, I laid him in these flowers to catch his first smile and so I decided to continue the tradition. What a difference a year makes with this happy baby boy!

“Isn’t it time we cut his hair?” Bill has said to me over and over agin, but I always reply with a cool & calm smile, “You’ll cut those curls over my dead body!”

If you’re a mother of a little boy, you know those curls are our last excuse to pretend they’re still babies.

We sat down to eat the other day and our waitress started to gush on Stellan. “She’s so cute! What would she like to eat?” and of course Bill rolled his eyes with a smirk.

I’m just going to assume she was colorblind, but there will be a day when I have to admit my sweet baby has a mullet and cry endlessly as we say goodbye to those adorable curls.

For now, I won’t tell Daddy that Vivian has mastered the ponytail on her brother.

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