Supporting the BCCR


A contribution we couldn't be more proud of!

It was something I always wanted to do, but life got in the way. And when I realized that years had passed and I still hadn't taken 5 minutes to even think about it, I knew it must be done right now.

Creating an event to support a charity isn't just's honestly scary. Who would I choose to support? What if no one donated? Where would I hide if it was a total flop?

But then I remembered it wasn't about me and my fears needed to be silenced,  because even $50 was better than nothing at all. And that nothing was exactly what the past several years had amounted to.

It was suggested by a friend that I reach out to the Breast Cancer Coalition of Rochester. They were the first organization I called and when they answered the phone, I felt like I had hit the jackpot.

From that initial phone call and beyond, they have displayed the most caring and passionate attitudes toward their cause and every time I speak to any one of the women who work at the BCCR, I feel motivated and inspired.

THANK YOU to everyone involved who not only helped raise donations, but also crafted art that will be cherished so deeply for generations!

If you know someone affected by Breast Cancer, I encourage you to share the BCCR's website or if you'd like to treat the women they serve fighting this disease, why not sponsor desserts on their Brown Bag Fridays!

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